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How many fence companies are there in New Orleans? Well, it doesn’t really matter! With Master New Orleans Fence Co, you won’t even consider other companies, even if there were thousands. We’re the cream of the crop!  We care so much about the quality of the work we do, it keeps us situated right at the top of the best fence builders in our area. Our clientele, making you feel 100% satisfied, and getting the job done is our number one concern. Not to mention, providing the best fencing service in NOLA! When you’re happy, we’re happy. You matter to us, not just your business, and we keep that in mind. Money is one thing, but you are not a business. The people at Master New Orleans Fence Co want to make be your partner, a friend, committed to giving you the absolute best service. Our customers are our top priority. So when you need some fencing done, think of our top fence company.

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Not to brag, but we are the top of the top when it comes to fence installation in New Orleans. We’ve been in this business for a while, but it shouldn’t even be considered that we’ve become in any way complacent. That would be a straight up lie! No matter how many customers we provide with exemplary service, making our customers smile at their perfect new fence is the spark that makes us go! As far as we operate, perfection lies in focusing on the details. For our customers, there isn’t a chance that their fence will go down or look cheap. That’s because we care about them and the quality of our work. It doesn’t matter what kind of fence you’re looking for; our professional fence builders will make it happen! Can it get better? It can because you have experienced New Orleans fence contractors working hard to give you the best experience possible. I think it’s time to make the call.

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This isn’t our first rodeo, and we know what we’re doing when it comes to fence installation. Other companies want to know the secret. Well, this is it; instead of looking around at what other companies are doing, Master New Orleans Fence Co is fully focused on delivering the best product to our customers. What matters to you matters to us. There are countless reasons why a sturdy, well-built fence is necessary; for one, to keep your home and family safe. Our materials aren’t builder grade rubbish that’s going to blow over in the next wind storm. We use the best of the best fence materials in New Orleans in order to give you the best of the best. We don’t care about getting the job done fast so we can get to the next one. We bear down and work to ensure that you have a fence that will stand the tests of life and wear for years to come. Your security will never be a concern when you have our 5 stars rated fence wrapped gorgeously around your property. You care about your family’s safety – we do too! Whenever you look at your fence installed by the best fence installation company in NOLA, you’ll be glad you didn’t go with the competition.

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Residential Fencing in New Orleans

Let’s take a minute to imagine yours forever at home. What finishes do you have? What’s in it? Well, how about what’s around it? At Master New Orleans Fence Co, that question is one we’ll answer for you. And here’s how we will do just that: “The highest quality fencing you could get in NOLA!” We’re a team of fence installation professionals who’ve seen it all – there’s no one out there better suited to giving you that forever fence for your forever home. We cover it all – commercial and residential. Nothing will get I our way to giving you a fence that brings you joy and just as importantly, security. Have a sit down with us and tell us what you want! We want to hear all of the details so we can provide you with the absolute best fence possible. And of course, our fence contractors work only with the highest quality materials. Who else would you trust but the best fence installation company in New Orleans, Louisiana? It’s a no-brainer, my friend.

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There’s nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day. Most of us have a clear dream of stepping out at any time and taking a cool swim. What most of us don’t dream of is stepping out and falling into our pool for an unexpected swim. No, that would be considered a nightmare. Well, never fear our five-star fence company is here! We are 100% committed and qualified to giving you the high-quality pool fence of your dreams, one that provides both style and security around your beautiful pool. We are up to date with all laws and regulations regarding pool fencing, so leave it to the experts and install with ease. Our pool installs are custom and self-closing gates? The frightful thought that you may have left the pool gate open (and the kids are running around) will startle you no more! Locking gates provide even more security against curious little fingers. I think we’ve all had the experience of sharing a pool with some… unwanted guests, but pool gates keep out critters so you don’t have to worry. It’s always great when something is beautiful and practical. Our fences are just that! We’ve got countless materials for you to choose from, like PVC or wrought iron. Your satisfaction and happiness are extremely important to us. So trust New Orleans best pool fence contractors to provide you with the amazing pool fence that will give you (and your neighbors) not only viewing pleasure but peace of mind.

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So you hired a lousy fence repair contractor (that wasn’t us) and now your fence is desperately in need of repair. Who do you turn to? Is it too late? Of course not! With our professional fence repair services, we will rectify the wrongs of our competition – with a smile! As soon as you call we’ll be on our way. Like fence repair superheroes we will swoop in and give your fence the high-quality, lasting repair we know it needs. We will use high-quality materials, we will work meticulously to ensure the job is done right, and we WILL leave your fence looking as if nothing ever happened. As we face away to our next repair, you will watch your heroes in awe thinking, “Now, those people care!” That’s because we do. Your needs, your safety, your peace of mind are all paramount. In fact, your fence will be better looking than before it needed a repair! That’s because we will look over your whole fence, just to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Don’t be surprised at this; we make it a habit to consistently go above and beyond the expectations of our customers. We will tell you how the problem in your fence happened in the first place, and give you some knowledge so you can avoid having it take place again.

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New Orleans, Louisiana Gate Repair Services

Just picking up the phone to contact a professional can be exhausting when considering the possible outcomes. “Will they even get the job done? Or just make it worse? Will this problem just come back after a few weeks?” Listen here; we get it. We get it so well, that we want all of your concerns to wash away. In order to get a job done right, you need to make sure the RIGHT person is doing the job. And the right choice is our five-star gate repair company. Master New Orleans Fence Co is a proven New Orleans fence repair and installation professionals ranked top of the top. The job is just as important as the process and we will provide you with the best customer service in the business. Lots of promises, I know; put us to the test and we’ll be sure to back it up.

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Serving all of New Orleans is certainly no easy task. However, as you can see by the maps, we are actually located fairly close to the center of the city. This makes it super convenient for us to bring our fence services in New Orleans to pretty much every corner of the map. No matter where you are, you can bet that we will be able to come by and help you out with a fence installation in New Orleans. If you’re in a car, it is only a 6 minute drive from the University of New Orleans. It is also 9 minutes away from the City Park. Check out some of these driving instructions to show you how we can access the whole city with ease.

Directions from the New Orleans Recreation Development Commission: Head north on Wildair Dr toward Filmore Ave. Turn right onto Filmore Ave. Turn left onto Franklin Ave. Make a U-turn at Mithra St. Turn right. Destination will be on the right.

Directions from Dillard University: Head south on Wildair Dr toward Windsor Dr. Turn left onto Windsor Dr. Turn right onto St Anthony Ave. Turn right onto Pelopidas St. Turn left onto Warrington Dr. Turn right. Turn right. Turn left. Destination will be on the left.

Directions from City Park: Head south on Wildair Dr toward Windsor Dr. Turn left onto Warrington Dr. Turn right onto Mirabeau Ave. Turn left onto Wisner Blvd. Turn right onto Harrison Ave. At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit onto Diagonal Dr. Turn right onto Magnolia Dr. Destination will be on the right.


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So are you convinced? Are you ready to embark on the fantastic adventure of superior fence installation, fence repair and customer service in New, Orleans LA? Are you finished with less than stellar results from less than stellar fence companies? Are you ready to be satisfied and happy with a job well done? If the answers to those questions were a big resounding “YES!”, then the best fence installation team in NOLA are your one and only choice. Give Master New Orleans Fence Co a call today. Our trained professionals are just raring to give you the best service possible.